How do I add my Bento card to Google Pay™?

  1. On the Google Pay™ app on your phone, tap Payment > + Add Payment
  2. Snap a pic of your card or enter the details manually


  • All Bento cards can be added to Google Pay®
  • The card must be active, turned to On
  • Restrict Card Not Present Transactions must be turned Off (can be turned back on after adding the card)
  • Utility cards are associated with the info on file for the business owner
  • There may be additional verification steps needed for your account security


Where Can I Use My Mobile Wallet?

It’s easy to use your Bento Visa® card with Google Pay™ in stores, in apps, and online! Look for contactless and Google Pay™ symbols at the checkout.

1. In stores, simply unlock your phone and hold it near the terminal

2. In apps and online, choose Google Pay™ at checkout and complete the payment with FaceID, TouchID or Passcode


How Do I Make My Bento Card My Default Card?

Automatically get all the benefits of your Bento card every time you use Google Pay™.

  1. On the Google Pay™ app on your phone, tap Payment
  2. Select your Bento card and turn on Default for in-store purchases
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