Change or Delete my bank account

If you need to use a different bank account for your Bento Transfers, you will have to link the new account.  First, start by unlinking your existing bank account.

Remove your funding source

Navigate to the Funds Page.  from there, you should see the name of your linked bank account under the Bento Transfer icon:



Click on the Blue account name (in the above example, "Chase Checking").  From there, you will be taking to the detail page, which will look like this:


Click on the red button titled "Remove funding source". You will be taken to another screen to confirm that you want to delete your funding source.  Hitting the red button "Yes, delete this account" will remove the linkage from Bento.

Adding your new Bank Account


After removing your previous account, you will be returned to the Funds page.  There, you can link your new account by clicking below the Bento Transfer icon:


From there, follow the instructions in the article Link and Verify My Bank Account to Transfer Fund to complete adding your new account.

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