Managing Unmatched Receipts

We're proud to offer AutoMatching receipts to transactions, but we know that some receipts may be harder to match than others. To combat hours lost to end-of-month receipt matching and reconciliation, we have streamlined managing unmatched receipts.

If a submitted receipt could not be matched automatically, it will be available within Bento so you can proactively manage and match it yourself.

First, log in to Bento, go to the Transactions screen and click on the Unmatched Receipts option in the menu on the left. You can browse your unmatched receipts to match them to the appropriate transaction or delete them. We make it easy to find the right transaction with robust search:


All cardholders will be able to access this new screen to manage unmatched receipts submitted by them. Department leads, Admins, and the business owner will also be able to manage unmatched receipts submitted by other users within their department or their business.

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