Receipt Capture and Management Overview

Bento offers the most comprehensive suite of capabilities on the market to ensure businesses can seamlessly capture, track and manage receipts for their expenses. When using Bento for your business, your employees can easily capture and submit receipts as expenses occur. Administrators can easily monitor, manage and export receipts as needed. 

Now Featuring:

  • Mobile receipt capture to allow for instant receipt uploads and matching
  • Auto-matching receipts to transactions to cut out manual work
  • Email receipt forwarding to match receipts for online purchases
  • Control over unmatched receipts
  • Email reminders to help enforce internal receipt policies

Automated receipt capture on the go with auto-matching technology

Cardholders can receive an instant push notification as they make in-person purchases with their Bento card. With one tap, they will be able to immediately capture a receipt using their phone camera and Bento will automatically match the receipt to the right transaction. Opt into these notifications by downloading the newest version of the mobile app, or visit App Settings to enable push notifications.

Cardholders can use our new and convenient quick receipt capture camera button to save time and make receipt capture even easier - no need to navigate to a specific transaction! Users can capture and upload a receipt and Bento will attempt to automatically match the receipt to the right transaction. Please note that in order for the receipt to match to the appropriate transaction in Bento, the uploaded receipt must be legible and include the relevant receipt detail such as the price of the purchase. And don't worry: users can also continue to upload receipts for a specific transaction via the Bento website or the mobile app like before.

Easily collect receipts for online purchases with auto-matching technology

Cardholders with a Bento account associated with their email address can now submit a receipt for an online purchase by simply forwarding the email receipt they received from the merchant to, and Bento will attempt to automatically match the email receipt to the right transaction. Please note that in order for the receipt to match to the appropriate transaction in Bento, the cardholder must forward the receipt from the email address associated with their user in Bento, and the email must include the relevant receipt detail such as the price of the purchase. Please also note that Bento does not currently support sending email receipts from email addresses that contains a "+".

Manage unmatched receipts

If a submitted receipt could not be matched to any transaction, you will be able to browse and manage your unmatched receipts in Bento. To do so, login to Bento, go to the Transactions screen and you will see a new Unmatched Receipts option in the menu on the left. You can browse your unmatched receipts to match them to the appropriate transaction or delete them. All cardholders will be able to access this new screen to manage unmatched receipts they submit. Department leads, Admins, and the business owner will also be able to manage unmatched receipts submitted by other users within their department or their business.

Monthly receipt reminder

Business owners and administrators can enable a new monthly receipt reminder. When enabled, Bento will automatically send a reminder email at the beginning of each month to all cardholders with outstanding receipts from the prior month. Based on your company’s expense policy, you can customize a minimum transaction amount to require receipts for. Cardholders will be able to easily upload receipts via the Bento website or the mobile app for transactions that are missing receipts.

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