Introducing Bento Pay™

Flexibility. Security. Simplicity. Make B2B payments to a contractor or vendor without a check.  Bento Pay™ allows users to send payments using only the payee’s email address, thus alleviating security and privacy concerns.

Payees receive an email through which they choose to receive funds via a one-time use virtual card or an ACH transfer.

To make a payment, select Bento Pay™ on the Payments tab. Then you will be asked to create a new payee or select an existing payee and the associated details for a Bento Pay payment to be sent. 

After your payment has been sent, you can view your initiated payment details on the Payments tab. The payment activity will also be displayed on the Transactions tab.  

Payees receiving Bento Pay™ payments have 30 days to accept the payment, after which the payment expires and the funds return back to your Bento account balance.  

By default, only the Business Owner can send and manage Payments, while all Admins may only view this section. If you would like an Admin to have full access to use Payments, you may edit their account permission  setting under the Admins tab in your account.

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