Authorization Holds

When using your Bento card at certain merchants, you may see an extra amount held when your transactions are initially authorized.

Merchant Type Maximum Hold Amount Maximum Hold Time Frame
Automated Fuel Dispensers Maximum Authorization: Up to $100.00 or more 7 Days
Hotels Additional 20% Hold 7 Days
Auto Rentals Additional 20% Hold 60 Days*

* See Deposit Account Agreement for details.


After your transaction has completely settled, you can expect the amount in your Bento account to reflect the final charge amount. 

Please Note: In the event that a) the authorization is being held on your account past the maximum hold time or b) you want to request for funds additional to the final charge amount to be released sooner (e.g. gas station transactions) please send an email to with the following information, and we will find out more about your hold and/or handle your request:

- Business Name

- Proof of transaction (e.g. receipt, hotel statement)

- Date transaction was made

- Name of merchant holding funds 

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