How do I grant employee login access to the web and mobile app?


To grant an employee access to both the web app and mobile app by entering the employee’s email address on an Employee Card's details.

  1. From Cards, open the Manage menu for the corresponding Employee Card
  2. Click Cardholder Info
  3. Enter the employee's email address in the Email Address field
  4. Click Save

The employee will then receive an email invitation to create a password for their login access. This login will be used for accessing the mobile app and web app.  

  • Employees can view their specific card information, such as card controls, available spend, and transaction activity.
  • Employees can change their password, email address, and mobile phone number associated with their card on their Account Settings page
  • Employees will not be able to make changes to any card settings, i.e. spending limit, card status, etc.

A business owner or admin can restrict web/mobile app access at any time by deleting the email address from the Employee Card's details.

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