Admin Permissions

Permissions can be set or changed from the Admins page for each individual Admin.

In order to make permission changes, you must be:

  • the Business Owner, or
  • an Admin that has already been granted Full Access to the Admins section

Permissions can be set for the following sections of the Bento account:

  • Funds
  • Admins
  • Cards
  • Payments
  • Transactions

The 3 permission access options are as follows:

  • Full Access - the Admin will have full view and edit access and can control/make changes in the respective section
  • View Only - the Admin can only view the information on the screen in this section, but cannot make any changes
  • No Access - the Admin will have no access and will not be able to see this section when logged into the account

Permissions changes take effect immediately as soon as the changes are saved.


Key Tips

  • With Full Access to the Admins section, an Admin will be able to view and edit all other Admins in the account, including their own Admin profile. This means that if an Admin accidentally changes their own Admins section permissions to View Only or No Access, that Admin will lose the ability to make any future changes in the Admins section until the Business Owner (or another Admin with Full Access) grants them Full Access again.
  • The Overview section will only display a full account overview if Full Access or View Only permissions is set for the Transactions, Cards, and Funds sections.
  • Admins must have at least View Only permission in the Cards section in order to filter transactions by cards, upload receipts or tag transactions.
  • QB integration can still be set up/managed without Full Access on Transactions


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