How do I link and verify my bank account to transfer funds?

As Bento cards can only be used if you have an available balance in your Bento account, you'll want to link and verify a bank account in order to initiate a transfer.

We offer two different methods for connecting a funding source:

Instant Account Verification

This is the recommended method for linking and verifying your bank account. 

  1. Search for your bank or credit union, then select the financial institution with which you bank
  2. Enter your online login credentials for the selected bank or credit union.
  3. Once your online banking credentials have been authenticated, your funding source has been verified and you're all set to initiate your first transfer


Troubleshooting Tips

If you do not remember your online banking login credentials, try opening a new browser window and navigating directly to the login page for your financial institution. From there, you can request a password reset or additional account login assistance from your financial institution.  Once you have regained access to your online bank account, come back to Bento to enter in your banking credentials.

Please be assured that the online banking credentials you enter through the Instant Account Verification method is protected by 256 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to keep your information safe and secure.


Deposit Verification

This method is available as an alternative if your bank or credit union is not currently supported through Instant Account Verification or you do not have online banking access with your bank or credit union.  

  1. Enter your bank account routing and account number
  2. In 1-2 business days, check your bank account activity for 2 small deposits from Bento
  3.  Log back in to Bento to enter the deposit amounts

If the deposit amounts are entered correctly, your bank account will then be verified and you'll be able to initiate a funds transfer.

 Please keep in mind that the account being linked must permit ACH debit transfers out of the account, otherwise any transfers initiated from this account will fail.




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