How do I deposit funds by Wire Transfer?

To make a wire transfer from your bank, you’ll need to provide your bank with your Bento account information: 

  1. Go to your Funds page and click the Wire Transfer icon
  2. Copy the information shown
  3. Contact your bank to initiate a wire transfer and provide the information copied
  4. Once your bank processes your transfer, your funds will be made available the same business day*

*Your funds will be made available to you the same business day, or the next business day if the wire is received after 4pm Central Time.  In the event of a bank holiday, funds may be delayed as banks are closed.

While there are no usage fees for your Bento account, your bank may charge you a fee for wire transfers.

Funds will be posted to your account during business hours Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays). Transfers must be made in US Dollars from a U.S. Bank Account that is held in the exact same name of the business owner on the Bento account.

We may return or refuse to accept the entire wire transfer or any part of a wire transfer at any time, and will not be liable to the Customer for doing so. Refused wire transfers will be returned to the account they were initiated from.

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