Deposit Funds by Wire Transfer

Completing a wire transfer of funds from your bank into your Bento for Business account is quick and easy. Your funds will be made available to you the same business day, or the next business day if it is received after banking hours (M-F 4PM Central Time is the cut off time for wires to be received and processed same day). While there are still never any usage fees for your Bento for Business account, your bank may charge you a fee for wire transfers.

To make a wire transfer from your bank, you’ll need to provide your bank with some information that you can very easily find in your Bento account. Please note: your bank may charge a fee to send wire transfers.

Step 1.

Log in to your Bento account.

Go to  and click Login and enter your email address and password.


Step 2.

Once you are logged in, navigate to the Manage Funds page at the top of your page.

Then, click  "Deposit Funds Faster" button under the "Your Bento Funds" portion of your Funds page. 

Then click "How to Initiate a WIRE TRANSFER"


Step 3.

After you click the "How to Initiate a Wire Transfer" button, you will bring up a pop up of information that you will need to give to your bank so they can initiate the wire transfer into your Bento account.  Please be sure to copy ALL of the information exactly as shown on your screen in your account. These numbers will be specific to your Bento account and must be copied accurately.You will need to provide your bank with the correct account number and routing number as well as all other information provided on this page in order to complete your wire transfer successfully.

Bank Name: The Bancorp Bank

Bank Address: 6100 S Old Village Place – Sioux Falls, SD  57108

ABA Routing #: 031101169

Account Number:889xxxxxxxxxx

Account Name: Bento

Account Reference: Bento - *Your Business Name*

Office Address: 221 Main St. Suite 1325, San Francisco, CA 94105

Again, please note some of this information like your Account Number and Account Reference, will be specific to your account and needs to be copied correctly to complete your wire transfer successfully.

Now you can take this information to your bank and let them know that you would like to wire funds to Bento for Business and they will initiate the transfer. Funds will typically be available for you within one business day. Please keep in mind that in the event of a bank holiday funds may be delayed as banks are closed.

Funds must originate from bank accounts held in the name of the Bento customer. Transfers from vendors, customers or 3rd parties will be rejected. Funds will be posted to your account during business hours Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays). Transfers must be made in US Dollars from a US Bank Account that is held in the exact same name of the business owner on the Bento account.

We may return or refuse to accept the entire wire transfer or any part of a wire transfer at any time, and will not be liable to the Customer for doing so. Refused wire transfers will be returned to the account they were initiated from.

If you have any additional questions or need any further assistance please feel free to reach out to one of our Customer Success Specialists at 866-220-8455 or you can also reach us by email at Our Customer Success Specialists are also available to assist you by live chat from 5AM to 6PM PST from Monday through Friday.

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