How do I run custom reports or export transaction info?

In order to run reports  or export information, log into your Bento account and go to the Transactions Page. When viewing a particular set of transactions, you have the option of creating a custom report from the transactions list displayed there.  In the far right section of the Transactions list, under the filters, you'll see 4 options available: Print - PDF - Excel- CSV*.  Before your run your chosen type of report you can filter the report by any of the option shown under filters: 

Watch this animated gif below to see how:



Upon selecting the desired export format, the file explorer will open, providing you the opportunity to save the export to your desired desktop location. The files you select will the complete transaction information and include the tags and notes for the transactions also. 

*The CSV file is a document that can be used to upload the transactions into most accounting programs like Quickbooks, Xero, and Wave Accounting. 


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