Setting up spend controls

Bento gives businesses complete control over the cards in real time. 

The Business Owner and Admin(s) can set limits on each employee or utility card, in real-time. 

You can proactively set spending limits and spend categories, as well as set limits around where and when the cards can be used. 

To set card’s spend controls:

  1. From Cards, find the card which you wish to edit
  2. Click Manage next to the card, and select Card Controls
  3. Set the desired controls and click Save to apply the spend control elections for the card. As soon as the controls are updated, the changes will take affect immediately.

The Card Controls page offers granular spend controls:

  • Spend limit: Control how much can be spent per period of time (e.g. day, week, month) or a custom "available until" date.
  • Active On: Choose days of the week for when the card can be used, great for employees that only work on certain days of the week
  • Categories: Control spending by selecting merchant categories at which the card can be used 
  • Restrict International Transactions: Recommended for cards used domestically
  • Restrict Card Not Preset Transactions: Allow or prohibit "Card Not Present" transactions, meaning transactions that don't require a card to be inserted or swiped into a physical card reader

The On/Off switch for each card allows you to temporarily suspend use of the card. When the switch is turned to Off the card cannot be used. Any transaction attempted on a suspended card will automatically be declined. As soon as the switch is turned back to On the card is enabled and the spend controls set on the card are active.

The On/Off switch is only visible for cards that have already been activated.


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