How Do I Add & Manage Admins on my Bento account?

To add an Admin to your Bento for Business account, go to the "Manage Admins" page, and click on the "Add an Admin" button.

You will need to provide their first and last name, their date of birth, their email and phone number for every admin. After providing this information, an email will be sent to the admin with instructions on how to create a password and log into the Bento account.

Bento Admins have full access to your Bento account and can see all transactions and control spending restrictions on cards. Additionally, Bento Admins can load funds, edit your linked bank account, order cards, and handle every single detail of your Bento account.

Bento Admins will be able to monitor the account and make changes as needed through the Bento for Business Mobile app. 

Please note: Admins do not automatically receive a card. If you would like an admin to also have a card on the account, you can go to your Manage Cards page and create an additional card for the admin. You do not need to provide an email for them when adding a card for an admin on the account. Each admin and/or card created on the account counts towards your total monthly subscription fee.

If you would like to remove admin access from an admin on the account, go to your "Manage Admins" Page and select edit for the admin you would like to remove and click Delete. This will remove their admin privileges to your account. 


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