How do I activate my Bento Cards?

All Bento cards should be activated by the Business Owner or the Admin on the account before they are given to employees for use.   

The fastest and recommended way to activate cards is to do it online on the Bento for Business website. It only takes a few seconds and your cards will be ready to go right away.

First the admin or business owner would need to log into your bento account here: Log in to your Bento Account.

Then go to the Cards Page in the top navigation. Find the card name of the card you'd like to activate and enter in the last for digits of the card and click Activate.

This will activate the card right away and instantly make it ready to be used by your employees!

Additionally, the admin or the business owner on the account can activate Bento cards over the phone, by calling this toll-free number: 855-782-1827.  Make sure you have the card on hand and the business owner information that was provided when you signed up. You will need to enter the card information and some identifying information of the Business Owner on the account in order to successfully activate the Bento Cards. It's also recommended that the Business Owner be the one to call in to activate the cards as phone activation requires some of their personal information. 




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