File a Dispute

Dispute Due to Lost or Stolen Card

TELL US AT ONCE if you believe your Bento card has been lost or stolen or if your Virtual Card, PIN or the account number is no longer secure or confidential. Telephoning (855) 547-2896 is the best way to minimize possible losses.


Dispute Due to Discrepancy or Questions About a Transaction

Often times, disputed charges are legitimate charges that customers may not recognize or remember. If you discover a posted transaction that may be incorrect or if you're unsure about a specific transaction, we recommend attempting to resolve the issue directly with the merchant before filing a dispute.

If you aren’t able to resolve your dispute with the merchant, you can file a dispute by contacting us (see Contact Info below). A customer care representative will help you through the process, and Visa will research the dispute on your behalf and contact you with the results of our investigation.


How to Get in Touch with Us About a Dispute

In the case of lost or stolen cards, discrepancy about card transaction(s), or questions about card transaction(s), you may contact us via the methods below. You may also request from us a written history of card transactions at any time.

Phone: (855) 547-2896


Mail: You also have the option of submitting a dispute in writing. Please contact us for a Debit Card Dispute Form and send it (along with your supporting documentation) to:

Bento for Business

PO Box 190608

San Francisco CA 94119

Fax: You have the option to fax your completed Debit Card Dispute Form and documentation to us at (415) 653-3498.


Dispute Filing Process

Note: You must provide a completed dispute form no later than sixty (60) days the transaction is posted to the Account.

In case of a discrepancy or questions about card transaction(s), you will need to tell us:

  1. Cardholder’s name, Account number and/or the 16-digit Card number.
  2. A description of the transaction(s) including the date and dollar amount.
  3. Grounds for the discrepancy.

If this information is provided orally, we may require that the details listed above be provided in writing within sixty (60) calendar days after the transaction(s) is posted. Customer agrees to cooperate fully with our investigation and to provide any additional information or documentation we may need for the claim.

Once we have the required details, information, and/or documents, we will determine whether a discrepancy occurred. If we ask you to put details in writing and they are not provided within sixty (60) calendar days of the date we posted the transaction(s) under review, we may not be able to resolve the claim in your favor.

We will notify you of the results in writing after completing our investigation. If we determine a discrepancy occurred, we will correct the discrepancy promptly and credit the Account. If we decide there was no discrepancy, we will send you a written explanation via standard U.S. mail or email.

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