Quick Start Guide to Getting Started with Bento

Business Owners
Getting started with Bento for business owners

How to Sign Up

Signing up for Bento is easy-- just click the “Start your 60-Day Free Trial” link on bentoforbusiness.com to get started. We’ll just ask you to provide us a few details about you and your business in order to sign up.

Signing up will only take a few minutes provided we have accurate information about you and your business! In the off-chance that you do run into any difficulties during the sign-up process, let us know and we’ll review your registration to ensure that it’s smooth sailing with Bento once we get you on your way. If you run into any difficulty signing up, feel free to reach out to us by giving us a call at 866-220-8455, dropping us a chat, or an email to support@bentoforbusiness.com if it's past business hours.

Adding Funds

Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, you can link a bank account to Bento. By linking a bank account, you can reload funds via Bento Transfer whenever you'd like.

To link a bank account, go to Funds from the top navigation, and enter in your bank routing number and account number and link the account. We’ll transfer 2 small deposits into the bank account added to verify that the account number you’ve entered is valid and associated with a bank account you own.  

Once you see the two small deposits on your bank statement (it can take 1-2 business days), input the two deposit amounts into the fields in the “Verify Account” section on the Funds page. If the two amounts you enter match what we’ve transferred into your account, your bank account has successfully been linked and you can now initiate a Bento Transfer.

 While you’re waiting for the micro-deposits to appear on your bank statement, you can get a head start by creating and ordering additional Bento cards (see next section below).

Adding & Creating Cards

 Once you’ve linked a funding source, the next step is creating Bento cards for various employees, staff, and/or projects. On the People & Cards page, you have a few options-- you can:

  • Order cards for employees
  • Order utility cards for general purposes, teams, or projects
  • Add administrators 

Utility cards were designed to be used for a special need or a specific category or group of transactions, making it easy to later organize and reconcile expenses. For example, you can create a utility card called “Gas Card”, which you’d use whenever you fill up at the gas pump. Transactions made on the “Gas Card” will automatically be organized on your Dashboard

If there are employees that need to make purchases on behalf of the business, Bento is the perfect tool. Bento eliminates the need for employees to submit expense reports and saves businesses time & money by cutting out the often tedious process process of trying to chase down receipts and issue reimbursements.

Order an employee Bento card for each of your employees: you can proactively configure spend controls for each card, giving yourself peace of mind and an easy way to track business spend.  For each Bento employee card you order, you’ll be prompted to fill out details about him or her in the card creation form.  A few fields are required here for a card to be issued to an individual. The basic pieces of information we’ll ask for about the card holder are:

Full name
Date of birth
Phone number*
Email address*

 *These are optional fields

Email address is required if you wish to grant your employees access to the Bento Mobile app.

Bento cards are printed and delivered to your business address within 10 business days. Once you receive the Bento cards in the mail, activate the cards before distributing them to your employees. Bento cards must be activated by the primary account holder (business owner) before they can be used.

Lastly, you can add administrators to the Bento account. This person will not be issued a Bento card, but has the ability to create their own Bento login to view Bento account transactions and the dashboard. This option is fitting for someone that helps you manage your business expenses, like an accountant or bookkeeper.  Please note that an administrator has the same ability as the primary account holder to load funds, create cards, and make changes to the Bento account to help manage your business and your Bento account. 


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