Quick Start Guide to Getting Started with Bento

Step 1. Sign up for your Bento for Business Account. 

Signing up for Bento is easy-- just click the “Start your 60-Day Free Trial” link on bentoforbusiness.com to get started. We’ll just ask you to provide us a few details about you and your business in order to sign up. Signing up only takes a few moments and is extremely simple. Follow the steps below and you’ll be a part of the Bento for Business family in no time flat! Please note that each email address can only be used once in your Bento for Business account. 

You may be automatically approved or you may need to provide some documentation to be approved. 

Learn More: What documentation may be needed to verify my account?

In the off-chance that you do run into any difficulties during the sign-up process, let us know and we’ll ensure that it’s smooth sailing with Bento. If you run into any difficulty signing up, feel free to reach out to us by giving us a call at 866-220-8455, dropping us a chat, or an email to support@bentoforbusiness.com.

Step 2. Link Your Bank Account.

Once your account has been approved. Adding your bank account is the next step in having full control and visibility over your business expenses! As Bento cards can only be used if you have an available balance in your Bento account, you'll need to link and verify a bank account in order to initiate a fund transfer.  

We offer two different methods for connecting a funding source: Instant Account Verification or Deposit Verification. 

Learn More: How Do I Link & Verify My Bank Account to Load Funds?


Step 3. Add Funds to Your Account.


When your bank account has been verified, you'll need to load funds into your account so you can use your Bento for Business cards. 


Learn More: How Can I Load Funds?


Step 4  Add Cards or Admin

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