How do I deposit funds by Bank Transfer?

To complete a Bank Transfer:

  1. Go to your Funds page and click the Bank Transfer icon
  2. Copy the information shown
  3. Contact your bank to initiate an ACH transfer and provide them the information you copied
  4. Once your bank processes your transfer, your deposit will be made available in your Bento account within 1-2 business days.

Some banks offer next day or same-day ACH functionality. Your bank should be able to inform you when the funds will be received in your Bento account.

While Bento does not charge any fees for receiving Bank Transfers, you should consult your financial institution about any fees they may charge you for their service.

*Important Note:  All information provided to your bank must be complete and accurate in order for your Bank Transfer to be processed successfully and deposited to your Bento account.

For details on other ways to deposit fund into your Bento account, see this article on Ways to Transfer Funds.


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