Employee Mobile App Access

Business owners and admins with access are able to invite their employee cardholders to access the mobile app and website by adding an email address for that employee from the "Cards" page by clicking the "Manage" dialogue next to the desired card and selecting "Cardholder Info":


Once the employee is invited to use the mobile app, an email will be sent to invite the employee to set a password for the mobile app/web access and to download the mobile app.

When the mobile app is downloaded, the employee will see a welcome screen and will need to swipe left in order to get to the login screen:

bento_login_app.png     bento_login_app2.png

After the employee cardholder has successfully logged in, the mobile app will open to Dashboard with "My Card" and "Transactions" tabs at the top as options to view. Please note: Transactions will only appear once a transaction is made:

IMG_2730.jpeg      IMG_2732.jpeg

The My Card tab displays the cardholder's Card Status (as On or Off), Available Spend, days the card is active, and allowed Spend Categories. Please note: The employee does NOT have access to edit any of the card controls. Only the business owner or admin has that access.

The Transactions tab displays transactions made by the employee cardholder in order of most recent. The employee is able to add notes, select tags, and upload receipts to transactions by pressing the transaction to view it's details:


The employee cardholder will also be able to change their password within the mobile app. In the upper left-hand side of the screen there are three horizontal lines that, when pressed, displays the account settings. Please note: In order to change password in app, the current password is required. If the employee forgot their password, please log out and press the "Forgot Password?" button on the login screen.

IMG_2731.PNG  IMG_2759.jpg 

IMG_2762.jpg   bento_login_app2.png


*Please consult with your business owner on business specific issues, such as insufficient funds, or controls that are preventing the purchases you need to make.  For all app related technical issues, please contact our support team at support@bentoforbusiness.com or call us at (866) 220-8455.


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