Bento Mobile App - General FAQ

Q: Where can I download the Bento mobile app?

 A:  The Bento mobile app can be downloaded in both the Google Play store (Android) and the Apple App store (iOS). 

Q: Who can use the Bento mobile app?

A:  Existing Bento customers are eligible to use the Bento mobile app, as it pairs with your active Bento account. Business owners and employees who are invited by their business owner or admin can use the Bento mobile app.

Q: What features are available in the Bento mobile app?

A: The Bento mobile app was created to give employees access to the information they need most, in real-time from the field, such as their available balance and any spend control settings. 

After receiving customer requests to expand the mobile app's abilities, we rolled out even more features in Summer 2020:

  • Users with administrator credentials or business owners can now create physical, virtual, and utility cards from the Mobile App.
  • Activating, deleting, or reissuing cards is now possible, and individual spending controls can be controlled using the mobile app as well. There's even a fully comprehensive cards list view with search and filters!
  • When you create a new card, you have the option to ship to your main office, or use an alternate shipping address for your convenience.
  • Through the new interactive dashboard, business owners and administrators can keep track of business spending based on categorized purchases for current or previous months.
  • Receipt capture just got simpler and better with an updated version of the “editing your images” functionality.

Q: What is the process for getting up and running with Bento mobile app?

A: Business owners will need to:

  1. Log into Bento, then go to the "Cards" page 
  2. For each of the employees you want to grant mobile access, add their company email address if it isn't already added
  3. Your employees will receive an email invitation with a link to set a new password; this confirms their email address for security. Once they click the "Save" button, they will be able to log into both the mobile app and have access to login through our website using the same email address and password

Q: What devices will run the Bento mobile app?

A: The Bento mobile app was designed for Android smartphones and Apple smartphones.  You may install it on tablet devices, however it is not optimized for usage on a tablet so this may not provide the best user experience. The Bento mobile app is available to download for free for Android smartphones on the Google Play store, and Apple smartphones (iOS) on the Apple App store.

Q: What can business owners do with the Bento mobile app?

A: Please see Bento Mobile App - Business Owner FAQ

Q: What can employees do with the Bento mobile app?

A: Please see Employee Mobile App Access

Q: What can admins do with the Bento mobile app?

A: Admins with a card will have full app access, and additional permissions based on their web app permissions (such as card creation). If you are an admin without a card, and do not have at minimum both cards read and transactions read permission, you will be shown a message saying that you can’t use the mobile app and will be redirected to our responsive web app on your mobile phone browser. We plan to expand card-free admin visibility and accessibility in future iterations of the mobile app.

Q: What is the issuer statement?

A: Banking services provided by The Bancorp Bank, Member FDIC. This Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A Inc. and may be used everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted. The Virtual Card may only be used online and over the phone where Visa debit cards are accepted.

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