Spend Categories

Bento created spend categories to give you an easy way to set controls around employee spend. These spend categories are groups of existing merchant category codes (MCC) used to classify businesses by specific market segments. MCCs are 4-digit codes assigned by credit card companies. 

By selecting spend categories on a card, Bento can put controls on where a card can or can’t make transactions. When a card is swiped for payment, Bento recognizes the merchant’s MCC and if it’s a code that falls outside the allowed spend category, the transaction will be declined.

There are hundreds of MCCs so Bento has grouped similar codes together in order to make putting spend restrictions on Bento cards easier. Here's the list of Bento’s spend categories:

Amusement & Entertainment


Automobiles & Vehicles

Business Services


Financial Services

Fuel Pumps

Gas Stations

Government Services

Home Furnishing

Home, Garden Supply & Service

Liquor & Alcohol Stores

Mail Phone Order

Personal Services

Professional Services

Repair Services


Retail & Miscellaneous Stores

Telecom, Internet & Utilities

Travel & Transportation

Wholesale Clubs & Office Supplies

Wholesale Trade

To see a detailed mapping of how specific merchants and MCCs are categorized within these defined spend categories, please see our Merchant Category Mapping table.

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