Setting Categories controls on cards

With Categories controls, you can easily set controls around where employees can use their cards. 

Categories are groups of existing merchant category codes (MCC) used to classify businesses and store by specific market segments. MCCs are 4-digit codes assigned to all businesses and stores by credit card companies. 

Business Owners and Admins can update allowed and disallowed categories on a card:

  1. Navigate to the Cards tab
  2. Select the Manage menu next to the card you'd like to update
  3. Click Card Controls
  4. Make your desired Categories changes and click Save

Category control changes take effect instantly.

There are hundreds of MCCs so Bento has grouped similar codes together in order to make putting spend restrictions on Bento cards easier.

To see a detailed mapping of how specific merchants and MCCs are categorized within the Bento defined spend categories, please see our Merchant Category Mapping table.

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