How Can I Set Up Alerts On My Bento Account?

Alerts are a very powerful way for you to know what is happening with your Bento account and cards in Real Time! Bento gives you full control over which types of activity alerts you’d like to receive.

Notifications for new alerts are featured as a number next to the Alerts link in the top navigation of your account. Additionally, you have the option to have the Business Owner and/or admin receive alert notifications by email and/or text. 

When you sign up for your Bento Account, we automatically create 2 alerts for you: 

  1. Transaction Declined (will alert you whenever a transaction is declined on any card on your account.)
  2. Low Balance (Will Alert your when the Current Available Balance on falls below $500)

You can edit and turn these alerts off or create new alerts at any time with just a click of a button on your Alerts page. 

Watch this animated gif to see how to set a new alert on your account quickly and easily.


Once on your Alerts page, you'll see a "Set Alerts" section where your existing alerts are displayed. Here you can also create new alerts by clicking the 'Add Alert' link. You can also turn any alert off by setting the button to on or off. 

Have suggestions about what other types of alerts you’d find useful? Then send them our way by emailing

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