How does my timezone affect when spend limits reset?

To give you complete control over your finances, Bento allows you to set your Bento card's spending limit amounts for a day, week, month, or until a specific available until date.

These spending limits resets occur at 12:00am Universal Coordinated Time Zone (UTC) on the day that corresponds with your selections.

For example, if the business address we have on file for you is the Central Time Zone (CDT or CST) and your Bento card limits reset weekly, your cards will reset Sunday at 7:00PM Central Time which is equivalent to 12:00AM Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). Bento uses UTC time because it is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time.

For your convenience, when you set your spending limits you will see the time conversion for the Central, Eastern, Pacific, or Mountain time zone associated with the default time set on your computer.

Spending limits reset according to the time zone you have set on your computer/device so make sure to take this into consideration when your employees are traveling to other time zones in the US. You can also use this world time converter here to check your time zones: Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator.


UTC (Time Zone) 12:0:00 AM UTC

(USA - Pacific Daylight Time) 5:00PM PDT UTC -7 hours

(USA - Mountain Daylight Time) 5:00PM MST UTC -7 hours

(USA - Central Daylight Time) 7:00PM CDT UTC -5 hours

(USA - Eastern Daylight Time) 8:00PM EDT UTC -4 hours


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