Using Your Bento Card With Uber

While Uber does not currently allow for direct payment with a Bento card, you are still able to pay for your Uber ride with Bento. Please follow the instructions below to learn how: 

  1. Log into your Paypal account and navigate to your Paypal Wallet.
  2. Choose to 'Link a Card' and select the 'Credit Card' tab from the top selector.
  3. Enter your Bento card number and associated card information, and click Save.
  4. Navigate to your Paypal Settings (gear icon in the upper right hand corner) > Payment to select the Bento card you just added as your preferred payment method when checking out.
  5. Open the Uber app, and go to the Payments section to add your Paypal account as a payment option
  6. You will be prompted to log in to your Paypal account to authenticate.  Enter your Paypal email address/phone number and password to continue.

Once your Paypal account is successfully added as a payment method, you will be able to select Paypal as your payment method when requesting a ride.

Please note that Paypal's default settings will use your available Paypal balance first before it charges transactions to your chosen payment method.



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