How do I create a new card?

To create a new card:

  1. Go to the Cards page and click the Add Card button in the left navigation menu
  2. Select a card type and format, and click Next
  3. Fill out the required fields on the following screen as prompted, and click Next
  4. Set the desired card controls, and click Next
  5. Select the desired shipping address and methods, and click Next*
  6. Review your shipping details for accuracy before clicking Order card*

*Only applicable if ordering a physical card


Employee Card

  • Entering the employee's email address will grant that cardholder login access to the web app and the Bento mobile app (recommended)
  • Employee login access will allow the user to monitor their transactions, tag transactions, and upload receipts to their card transactions 


Utility Card

  • Utility cards only require you to select a nickname for the card (eg. Office Supplies, Marketing Expenses), which will be printed on the card
  • Utility card holders do not get login access and cannot use the Bento mobile app

If you are an Admin, you will need to be granted Full Access permissions to access and make any changes in the Cards section, including adding a new card. 




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