How do I add cards to my Bento Account?

Additional cards can be ordered by logging into your Bento account, and going to the "Cards" page from the top navigation menu. 

Click the "Add a New Card" button under Manage Your Cards. Then you'l be give the option to order a new employee or a utility Card.  


If you choose to order an employee card you will need to provide the employee's first and last name, date of birth, phone number.  If you'd like to allow the employee card holder the ability to use the Bento Mobile app you will also need to provide the employee's email address. 

Utility cards only require you to select what nickname (ex: Employee 1, Petty Cash, Marketing Expenses) you'd like to be printed on the card. Please note: Utility cards CAN NOT be used with the Bento for Business Mobile app. 

For Both Employee and Utility cards. Spending Limits, Allowed Categories, and any available limits can be set and changed on the card at any time and in real time. 

Here is a look at some of the option you can use to limit the cards.

To learn more about which card fits your needs the best, check out our Best Practices on Ordering Cards.



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