Why did my card get declined?

If your card was declined when you tried to complete a purchase, a decline reason will be shown in your Transaction activity. 


Decline message Description Troubleshooting tips
Card suspended The card has been turned Off or has been canceled Contact the Business Owner to change the status of your card 
Card is not active The card has not yet been activated Activate the card by calling the number on the back of the card or contact the Business Owner for assistance
Card expiration mismatch or invalid card security code The card expiration or  security code provided did not match the card Check that the card expiration or security code was not miskeyed
Spend control on the card has restricted this purchase A spend control set on the card blocked the transaction Contact the Business Owner to adjust the spend controls (e.g. category, international transactions) on the card
Exceeds spend limit set on card The transaction amount has exceeded the allowed spend limit set on the card Contact the Business Owner to adjust the card's spend limit
Insufficient account balance The transaction amount exceeds the available account balance Contact the Business Owner to deposit additional funds to the account
Incorrect PIN PIN entered is incorrect Complete the transaction using a signature (Credit), or call the number on the back of the card to reset your PIN
Merchant not allowed Transacting with this merchant, merchant category, or country is not permitted Complete the purchase with a different vendor
Suspected fraudulent activity. Please call customer service The activity has been flagged as suspicious Call the number on the back of the card to confirm the legitimacy of the activity


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