Card Doesn't Work or Was Declined

Sorry to hear you've hit a speed bump while using your Bento card. If your card isn't working or was declined when you tried to complete a transaction, there are a handful of reasons this could have happened: 

  • Your card has not yet been activated: Your Bento card needs to be activated before it can be used. For instructions on how to activate your card, please see Activating Your Bento Card. Once your Bento card has been activated, you’ll immediately be able to start using it.
  • Transaction total is over your limit:  Since a spending limit can be set for each card, if a user attempts a transaction that is over the set limit on the card, the transaction will be declined. Limits can be adjusted online by the business owner or an administrator on the User Detail for the card holder.
  • Merchant is not in an approved spend category: Business owners and administrators can specify allowed spend categories for a card. If a card is used at a merchant that falls outside of an approved spend category, the transaction will be declined. Spend categories can be set online by the business owner or administrator from the “Manage” dialogue for the card on the People & Cards page. To learn more about declines due to spend category limits, please see this article on Understanding Spend Category Declines. 
  • Not enough funds in the account: If the transaction total exceeds the account balance at the time of the transaction, the purchase will be declined. When this happens, the business owner will be alerted that the funds in the account are low. If you’re an employee, we recommend also reaching out to your employer if this occurs.
  • Card has been suspended: The business owner (Bento account holder) has the ability to temporarily turn Off and On the card manually or by setting day of the week limits for when the card can be used. If the card has been turned Off, it is considered suspended, and any transactions attempted on the card will be declined.  Please have the business owner log into their Bento account to check if the card has been turned Off or if any day of the week limits have been set.
  • Card has been demagnetized: If nothing happens when your Bento card is swiped, it’s likely that the card has been demagnetized. Give us a shout and we’ll send you a replacement.
  • Unable to use Bento card with Uber: If you are experiencing difficulties trying to use your Bento card with Uber, please view the article "How to Pay for Uber with Your Bento Card" for instructions on how to pay for your Uber ride with your Bento card.

We are aware of select merchants that do not accept prepaid cards. Bento is working with MasterCard on this matter in an effort to have the Bento Business Prepaid Debit MasterCard accepted everywhere MasterCard is accepted. If you do come across a merchant that does not accept your Bento card, please inquire with that merchant as to why they do not accept prepaid cards, and request that they consider to begin accepting the Bento Business Prepaid Debit MasterCard.


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