How do I connect Bento to QuickBooks Online?

Want some help setting up and using our QuickBooks Online integration? We walk you through the steps here:

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To set up your QuickBooks Online sync:

1. Click on Accounting Export and select QuickBooks Online from Wizard

2.  Connect QuickBooks Online account and answer basic 2 questions about structure

3. Review field values for Account, Class, and Location that have been pulled in automatically

4. You will have the choice to edit any fields that you would like to either not show in Bento or that you want to display differently in Bento

5. Finish wizard


To access your QuickBooks Online integration and reporting after set-up:

1. Visit the Accounting tab of the Transactions page

2. Filter transactions as needed

3. Utilize the bulk tag option to add Account, Location, and/or Class

4. Click on Accounting Export and you will be taken directly to the QuickBooks Online export page 


Tagged fields will then sync back to your QuickBooks system, manually or automatically based on your preferences. Users also have the option to re-sync old transactions if they are updated with new tags.

If you would like to map a different Bento field to one of the fields imported from QuickBooks online, you may do edit or delete any of these fields using the tabs on the Accounting Export QuickBooks page.


NOTE: Bento recommends automatic (daily) QuickBooks Online syncing only if you are not opting into our new coding options. This will push your settled transactions to QuickBooks Online on a daily basis. For users taking advantage of our advanced mapping, we recommend manual syncing to allow for tag maintenance and updates.




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