Bento System Upgrade & Downtime: October 25/26, 2017


Bento Developers are working hard to resolve the decline issue that is impacting some accounts. You may be experiencing some intermittent declines/pending transactions on your account. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. All other services should be working on your account as per normal. Continue to check back here for updates on our progress. Thank you for your patience and understanding

Note: Support contact information is listed at the bottom of this page.




Begins: Wednesday, October 25 @ 9:30pm Pacific Time
Ends: Thursday, October 26 @ 5am Pacific Time

All Bento services will be temporarily down during the above hours scheduled for system-wide upgrade. You will not be able to (1) transact with your Bento card online or in person, or (2) log in to your Bento account via the web or the Bento mobile app.

Can I use my cards?

No. During this window, transactions on your Bento cards will fail. You should not use your Bento cards during this time for purchases at brick-and-mortar or online retailers.

What will happen to recurring transactions on my cards?

Recurring transactions processed by merchants during this window will be declined. Most merchants that support recurring transactions will automatically retry those transactions, but you may receive alerts from those merchants.

Can I load funds to my account?

New fund loads cannot be initiated or scheduled during this window. However, existing scheduled loads (such as your Periodic Fund Load) will not be affected. If you initiate a wire transfer from your bank, we will process it per our normal schedule.

Can I use the mobile app?

No. During this window, the mobile app will not be available for all users, including employee and business owner accounts.

Can I use the web interface?

No. During this window, the Bento web interface will not be available.

When will I know that my cards work again?

Your cards will work again by 5am Pacific Time, October 26. To check the latest status updates on your cards, mobile app and web interface, please visit Bento’s log in page during the system upgrade window, and you will be redirected to a live status page.

What should I expect after the upgrade?

Your Bento account and cards will be back online by 5am Pacific Time, October 26. Your Bento cards will begin working immediately, and access to the web and mobile interfaces will be restored at that time.

This system upgrade lays the groundwork for new features, and we will be sharing more details in the near future.


Where can I get more information or assistance?

If you have questions or need further assistance, please e-mail our Customer Success team at, or call us at 866-220-8455 between 5 am and 6 pm (Pacific Time). At other times, please call the number on the back of your Bento card, and assistance will be available.

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